Upon Arrival


From seed to shipment, your plant has been kept in a carefully maintained indoor environment under growlights. Although in fine health, plants can still experience transitional shock that can be mitigated by following this information.

If you receive plants in winter, keep them indoors under bright, direct artificial light and in a tray of water until you are past the date of last frost in your horticulture climate zone. If you receive plants in fall, make sure you have at least two weeks before first risk of frost before setting your plant outside. If necessary, Sarracenia can acclimate under a covered structure such as a porch or large tree.

At any other time of year you can place your Sarracenia outside in full sun without worry. Older leaves may brown after a few days. This is normal. Remove dying leaves after the plant produces new ones. New growth will be better adjusted to your conditions.

As the seedling adapts further to your environment, it will mature, and may change its appearance completely: color, shape, size, and even growth rate can all be affected by local conditions. If planted in the right soil, given plenty of sun, and kept well-watered, then you will be rewarded with a beautiful, healthy Sarracenia.