Why Buy From American Pitcher Plant?

We Drop New Variety All Year, Even in Winter!

Christmas for Sarracenia is now delivered year-round! Each colorful seed-grown plant is one-of-a-kind, a gift we carefully package so you can cherish and grow it forever.

No dormant plants here. We ship year-round & promise you a safe delivery no matter the season.

Build Your Collection: Quantity Offers & Quality Specimens

Take home a stand-out specimen, or top-up on variety with a discount group selection of our own.

Browse our cross profiles for even more options - you'll find something new for you every time.

These Pics are the Real Deal!

It's all we do because we can't get bored with it. And it's all under lights, a new, accessible way to enjoy endless variety in American Pitcher Plants!

Read how we grow these plants here.