How we Grow and Select your Plants

In the catalogue, the photos on the sales pages aim to represent the dominant traits in the cross. These images are not a complete overview of the seedlings. You may get one of the very plants in the photos, or you could get something different. Sarracenia are wonderfully diverse in their ability to produce both uniform or variable offspring. Some plants may give fairly uniform progeny, while others issue a cacophony of shapes and colors in their seedsets. In short, any batch of seeds can surprise you with something you did not expect! That mystery what the fun is all about in Sarracenia hybridization.

Your seedlings are grown indoors in a controlled indoor environment free of pests and diseases under artificial lights. They are in perfect health and all their coloration is similar to what plants grown outside in optimal conditions look like. Seedling appearance in general is only a hint as to what the plant will look like at adulthood. So many physiological changes occur between their juvenile state and maturity that it is only a daydream to predict the final form of any seedling. Blessedly with Sarracenia, the final outcome is always more than anything you could have expected.