Our Growing Conditions and Seedling Appearance

Sarracenia create wonderfully variable offspring, and sometimes a single brood may number in the hundreds of individual seedlings. Some plants may give fairly uniform progeny, while others give a wide array of shapes and colors in their seedsets. The plants you see in the product pages, unless expressly noted, are only representatives of the rest of the brood. It is therefore possible to receive an individual not represented in product images when ordering plants.

Plants are grown indoors in a controlled environment under artificial lights. Their coloration resembles that of outdoor-grown plants in optimal conditions similar to their natural environment in the hot, humid American southeast. As some selections are juvenile in development, seedling appearance when you acquire them may not be what they look like at adulthood.

Numerous developmental changes occur between their juvenile state and maturity, so imagining the adult appearance of any seedling is impossible. This is part of the fun.