Who's behind American Pitcher Plant?

Carson Trexler - Owner IG @americanpitcherplant & @eltrexler & Facebook

American Pitcher Plant ("APP" will do in a pinch) is a startup niche micronursery in Portland, Oregon. I began my career in horticulture a few years ago with carnivorous plants as a part-time job. Now this is all I do.

Sarracenia have caused humans to do many wonderful things, among the most notable are the communities that they inspire, the discipline they demand in the art of their horticulture, the craft they effect of the industry they fuel, the insightful and contentious botany they invariably find themselves at the center of. Jeff Dallas told me that to cultivate carnivorous plants is a badge of honor. It is a fantastically unbelievable vocation and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

I look forward to expanding APP's scope. It is an enormously engrossing job and I am kept busy working hard on many fronts; please stay tuned by keeping track of APP on Instagram @americanpitcherplant or on APP's Facebook page.

APP exists because of the generous help and friendship of many people who share my passion for these wonderful plants. Those who have helped APP develop and grow include my friends Howard Bramble, Jeff Greene, Jeremiah Harris, Javier Meyer, Jason Herritz, John Cappuccio, Helena Klein, and Cory Paul, among others. To my mentors and teachers Jeff and Jacob goes my most pious respect. I'm in debt to you all.