Bandana featuring Oregon's Carnivorous Plants

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Wear your love for carnivorous plants! This intricately drawn bandana is an original art piece created by a friend of American Pitcher Plant. It features 3 spellbinding terrestrial carnivorous plants that grow in Oregon in silver ink upon black fabric:

Drosera rotundifolia, the round-leaf sundew

Pinguicula macroceras, the horned butterwort

Darlingtonia californica, the Cobra Lily

Bandanas were created by a fair trade women’s sewing cooperative in Arizona that focuses on developing local capacities for economic self-sufficiency in poverty-stricken areas. They also host a permaculture demonstration site designed to teach families sustainable food production techniques, including gardening, aquaculture, and small livestock raising. We are proud to partner with for this beautiful creation.  

Hand wash recommended.