"Bag-End Beauties" - Specimen Selections

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“The Professor”

The literary world is celebrating the life and birthday of one John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (b. Jan. 3rd, 1892). We have selected four of our finest leucophylla specimens in homage to his work, and to the Halflings of the Fellowship. Available now, we present to you - the Bag-End Beauties:

Frodo: our reluctant hero, left with a touch of darkness in his soul after his travels, is surrounded by the support of his friends.

Samwise: stout, stubborn, and fiercely loyal, Sam is arguably the true protagonist in the journey to Mordor.

Merry: along with his partner in mischief Pippin, the charming Meridoc Brandybuck is one of the tallest hobbits thanks to his enjoyment of Ent-draught in Fangorn Forest.

Pippin: our favorite fool of a Took, Peregrin’s cheerful, bumbling nature paves the way for his transformation into a courageous and fierce leader.