Annual Hybrid Indices

All seedlings are identified by their grex unless they're outstanding, in which case they are given an additional cultivar name. All annual greges are given accession numbers to give a way to keep track of the seedlings once distributed throughout cultivation. Accession numbers are helpful for when plants need to be referred to quickly and identifiably, without reciting long strings of text.

This is not a grex system - greges alone are not ordered under this system as with orchids, but annual instances of them are. Individual clones are also not kept track of through this system. I tend to give noteworthy clones of my crosses alphabetized, temporary identities (CT2001 #A, #B, #AA, for example) but these are not recorded here.

A full accession number can be made by adding the last two digits of the year (in this case, 2020) after the grower's initials and the grex number. For example, the complete accession number for the 2nd cross of 2020 is CT2002, and this can be found on the reverse of the tag that sold plants come with. Alternatively, the code is written CT02'20, where a necessary apostrophe indicates the year. For the 100th cross, another digit is added, and would be CT20100, and so on.